A Letter To My Teenage Self – By Andri

Smile beautiful, and don’t let anyone take that smile away from you!

For years you spent so much time worrying about what people thought of you at school. You worried you were ‘fatter’ than everyone else, you worried about the pre-menstrual spots which appeared on your face each month and you also worried that no boy would ever fancy you, ‘the ugly one.’

If only I could rewind all them years so that I could tell you, my younger self how beautiful you were, both inside and out.

I would tell you to stop worrying about what other people think, spend less time thinking about others and more time focusing on you and your goals in life. I would tell you to ‘live free’, enjoy school as it goes far too quickly and enjoy your young life making memories with friends and family.

When it comes to friendships if only you knew back then what your older self knows now. It may have saved all the tears you cried curled up in bed worrying about friends doing this or that. I would tell you that friends come and go, and it is ok for friendships to break down and for you to go your separate ways. It’s a part of life. I would tell you to not beg people for their friendship as it is their loss and not yours.

I would tell you to run away from people who only bring you negativity and stick with people who shine a light in your life and enrich it!

Remind you that you don’t need a boyfriend to be happy, and just because all your friends have one does not mean that you must have one. I would also tell you that not having a boyfriend when all of your friends do does not mean that nobody ‘fancies’ you and to not waste time worrying about it.

If I could tell you anything this is what I would say to you, my younger self:

  • Be kind always. You will never know the struggles someone may be going through.
  • Smile often. Smile until your cheeks hurt!
  • Make memories and cherish them
  • Don’t take life for granted for in the blink of an eye it can be taken away from you.
  • Through every struggle you go through there is a lesson you will learn which you will grow from.
  • Love yourself and spend time on YOU!

Much love,
Andri, IG: ww_losinglbs_together


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