How To Attract Good Energy

Have you ever wondered how you can feel so comfortable around someone, yet anxious around others? Well, same.

Over the last six weeks, I’ve had a handful of friends, relatives, colleagues and strangers mention how happy I look/seem.

When I really think about it, I am happy most days. But there hasn’t been a defining moment to it, I’ve simply put it down to good energy. From the moment we wake up, we send energy into the world and we receive it back.

The list may be endless, but I’ve kept this short and sweet with my top five best methods for attracting good energy.

Say goodbye to the negative Nancies.

You know exactly who or what I’m talking about. Either way, they have an unfavourable sway over your life. Cut off anyone or anything that makes you miserable and start creating a life to be proud of. If your negative influence is a permanent fixture, work on limiting the amount of time you have for it. Just take it day by day.

Disappointed more times than I can count, I’ve never had a handle on my stress. But I’ve always felt empowered by putting myself first. Letting go of anger and resentment will instantly attract better people your way – people that will serve you and aid your happiness.

Mute your inner critic.

Oh, if only I had a penny for every time I’ve hindered my success.

Insecurity and fear are good-energy killers. Not only do they detract from your time, but they cripple the ability to bounce back. That inner critic was bred from somewhere, but it’s your job to silence it. Focus on channelling your inner badass instead.

Cultivate gratitude.

Replace toxic energy by finding the good in your day. I do this each morning, by thinking of five things I’m grateful for. It can be as simple as not sleeping through the alarm.

Even when you think there’s nothing to be grateful for, you’ll surprise yourself if you just give it a shot.

Advocate for giving yourself a pep talk. I remind myself of all the bad I’ve gone through and overcome. It instantly makes me more grateful for my life right now.

Pay attention to the energy you give out.

You can’t expect to attract good energy if you’re giving off the negatives. That’s bound to impact your relationships in the long run, even if you can’t see it in the present.

I want to be someone that draws others in without needing gimmicks. But more importantly, what kind of impression do you make on people?

Let go of control.

Easily my biggest struggle. But the nature of life is change. I worry about every little niggle possible, and when I can assert control it sends me into panic mode. Once that unravels, I know I’m a pain to be around. Recently, I’ve been trying to go with it, and it’s brought so many positives back into my life.


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