A Letter to My Ex-Employer

Dear Former Employer,

This is probably the easiest letter I’ve ever written, but ironically I remain aware to be as cordial as possible. Regardless of whether you deserve it or not.

To this day, I continue to describe your company culture to anyone willing to listen. While this doesn’t apply to everyone, it’s certainly true for management. Because let’s face it, nobody knows the first thing about being a manager.

Here are a few ways in which I believe you can rectify this:

1. Stop getting offended by criticism 

To this point, I’m referencing my appraisal in January. When I brought up pay rises subject to favouritism, I was met with “well you don’t deserve one anyway.” However, the yearly stats proved otherwise, but because my manager was leaving, I ended up having my appraisal with someone who lacks social intelligence. To add salt to injury, the two Marketing ‘Managers’ then decided to discuss my feedback and bitch about my character. Real classy ladies.

I actually made a point of telling one of the Co-Founders that I was aware that they were all doing this (including him). His reply: “Oh right, ok.”

But I suppose that’s what you get with a company run by those brought up with a silver spoon.

2. Hire more men

With an office dominated by young women, you’re able to underpay as well as behave inappropriately during summer/Christmas parties. The ins-and-outs aren’t mine to discuss, but I will say that everyone knows everything.

To your defence, you’ve hired more men since I left, but I have no doubt that they make more money than the girls that have been there for 2+ years.

3. Offer the same benefits to everyone

I was lucky to work from home Fridays to stay with my gran but I still believe it’s something all staff should be entitled too. The same way that you promise shares to certain employees over others. It’s a self-righteous trait. Oh, and what about the drink-fuelled lunches with selected staff. Real smooth boys.

4. Put an end to the bullying culture

The only way I can describe working for my former employer is like being in a high school where bullies thrive. I can only speak for myself, however, I have witnessed several members of staff being ridiculed and it’s straight-up uncomfortable. In the 2.5 years that I was there, I had four different managers, three leaving as a result of bullying/culture.

You like to ridicule those that don’t get drunk with you, but quite honestly the idea of being drunk by 11 am (as per Christmas party 2018), is unnerving. But that’s just me.

That said, I should sign off with a positive. The biggest being the friends I made (all of which have also left). While we were a minority, it was nice to know I wasn’t going mad.

I suppose I should also say thank you for toughening me up. It’s enabled me to propel my career in the right direction.

Like I said in my resignation email “life is too short to be this miserable, you shouldn’t dread going to work every morning.”

Best wishes,



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